People = Shit

One more time motherfucker…

le penis

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that is all

A… A modern crooner?!
Holy shit!

I like this image, a lot.
And yet I don’t know why.

Cmon, motherfucker, everybody has to die!..
…And all that in a cheerful voice.

I love this cover on Slipknot, really. And this image too.

Slipknot is absolute shite, but Richard Cheese makes it awesome. What a man.

I was expecting an angsty screenshot relating to Slipknot, was pleasantly surprised.

THIS IS SOME AWESOME SHIT! (No honestly, I like it but I don’t know why)

Hey, zanks.

Indeed they are.

is that milk?

What kinda milk you drinkin’? That looks orange to me.

Probably supposed to be whiskey in an opaque glass.

I FUCKING love Richard Cheese, and Slipknot is shit

Fussy got all mad at me when I made a pun about one of the singers dying :v:

You got my laugh.