People sometimes crash to desktop when joining my server.

Whenever my server gets to around 10 people, sometimes people crash to desktop when joining. It is an odd bug, as it seems to happen to specific people and specific computers. It has happened to me before, and it will always happen on a certain computer in my house, but if I try another pc, it works fine. I run DarkRP SVN, wtih ULX and Wiremod. If you need any more info please just ask. This bug is extremely frustrating for obvious reasons. I’ve tried searching but can’t find any solution.

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Oh, and a server restart does fix the problem, but it always has a chance of coming back.

Is there any error message when it crashes?

Yep but I can’t get the exact wording because, as I’ve said, it only happens occasionally. If I recall correctly, it just comes up with a red warning symbol, saying that hl2.exe was forced to close because of error number x0000x89089013k009- (obviously I made that error up but it is something along those lines).

I’d try searching the error in Steam Support and try what it suggests.

Ok, thanks. Will do, as soon as I get it again.

This still happens, and most of the time there is no error-other than “hl2.exe is not responding”. Please help :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, but its only when I am joining a server

I can’t figure out if it is a server problem, or the client’s problem. :frowning:

Well one way to check would be to run a clean install on the server and see if it still happens.

They are most likely OSX users, and this is more than likely the issue:

Please test and post in my thread so that we can bring this to garrys attention, thank you!
You can test by having them on a fresh map change, then spawn one of those models, and watch them crash.