People Spamming On Sleepers Server (SNNC clan)

This is getting annoying and you can even ask people on the server and they will say that SNNC are spamming.

If you hold Alt+Printscreen you’ll take a screenshot at only the program that you have selected, that way the screenshot doesn’t have to include unrelated stuff.

Sorry :L

Yea that shitty clan was spamming my name after I raided their shit so hard they ragequit us servers that day too, hilarious shit.

I am actually from this clan tho I was not on when ever this went down, I’m sure it was a joke or as you may call it, a troll. I know it sucks to be trolled, but I’m pretty sure you have done this in the past. Stop trying there are no “rules” , so you knew shit like this would happen when your mom bought you the game. Head over cod I heard you could mute people in game xD by the way I am not hating on you just informing you about the current rule state.

“when your mom bought you the game”

god :slight_smile: I remember when i was a kid with them mom jokes.

And actually i have never spammed… Thanks

I remember when I typed like a child, and tolled people in collage they were kids.

I’m really not gonna argue with you on the forums.

Good choice, being it appears your rather new. And how were any of your comments relevant to the solution ITT?

What lol

He is making fun of you because you are making fun of someone being new and YOU are new.

GG Kong!!! I can vouch for that. I can handle the chat spam to a degree. I am very glad the in game voice is proximity chat and not global!

:smile: Classic example of maturity in Rust, lovely.

Is that windows 95?

That clan of spammers, also like to support hackers and ruin gameplay for everyone.

Ah, ok. There’s no rules written in stone so it’s acceptable to be asshats? If my members did this, I’d boot them out. If I was a member of a group that thought being an idiot was acceptable… I’d drop them.

I will say now I was offline when this happened. Trust me though I gave a good talking to the guys who did the spamming hopefully they don’t do it again… But I will try to make sure they don’t for the communities benefit.
P.S.and no we don’t support hackers matter of fact we were killed by one named “mike” yesterday

Would be nice to have the ability to just mute individual people, or disable global chat altogether.

christ bmatchett you are the worst