People spamming wood barricades..

Stopped playing rust for the time being, too many people abusing the barricades and stuff, like building tons of them outside your front door, which was kinda funny but after the 20th time was plain cuntish, all you do is gather, build, create, get raided loose it all, and if the raiders can’t get in, they just spam wood structures all day and night outside your front door. Proper screwed up. Needs a resolution to this spamming problem.

protect your base with spikes and a gate then?

That is true, but then again they could just shoot the spikes until they break, even if it does waste bullets.

To be honest, if you get raided you should probably find a new home… You’re just asking to get raided again and again if the bandits already know where you are.

ya or you can just build multiple homes, so that if you get raided you can run away there anytime, however it could be a pain to maintain against decay lol

It’s not bad, I normally keep anywhere from 6-7 bases at a time. And while I only use 1 normally I just do a suicide chain before I log off and open/close a door at each. Takes all of about 2-3 minutes to do :slight_smile:

They will just build walls and jump over the spikes. Thats the new thing now. And gates dont help either… they build walls again… and jump up and over. Add to that the jumping hack and you can see that this game is full of fail.

2nd & 3rd floor doors.

This game tests your patience and resilience. An island with no elected ruling authority is no place for the faint of heart, and weak of will.

This normally qualifies as griefing. Contact your local server admin. If he/she is absent, non-responsive or doesn’t agree, find another server.

Sounds like another cry baby.

Be more defensive. A good defensive structure and they cant do that crap.

And stop crying.