People stealing my addons again? (Takedown request)

Hey Rubat and other Workshop moderators! Mind taking these down for me? <3
My addon’s code looks a little different now because I’ve updated it a lot. The Quicksilver SWEP is a SWEP I made that was a port of my Flash SWEP with a different form of slow motion, so here it all is! My code is on the left. His is on the right. <3

Infringing Addons:

My addon:

why you cant just report it or send an e-mail

also workshop rules don’t allow things like that, you allowed everyone to use your code in almost every possible way when you released it on Workshop

That takes too long

My superhero swep is totally OC guys donut steel
But seriously any code you place on workshop is open to the public, they arent allowed to sell your work or directly reupload but making an altered version is allowed as far as I know

Not sure if this is relevant:

Why did you post it here?

Next time send an e-mail to the address on my Steam Profile.