People timeout.

Hey guys…
Two days ago people told me they are just timing out from my server, but others can connect…
After restarting they could connect, and around 4-5 hours of the server being online they again cant connect to the server, They just get a timeout request.
Do u know why?
This is an error they get:

(alot of errors but i am not sure thats what causes the disconnection)

This was happening on my server but I fixed it by verifying the server’s files.

i have the same problem.
i try app_update 4020 validate

How do i do that?
Should i just run the update?

THis not worked for me

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any help?

Is your server dedicated?

Yeah it is.

Me too

It seems like you have Faclo’s Prop Protection installed incorrectly or something. Who is your hosting provider?

I have fpp, i have my own server