People using

People that join using (it’s happened 4 times now) are able to strip everyones’ weapons.

Server (rented through OVH with high ddos capacity) was booted offline immediately upon them getting banned.

They tried a few times to get into rcon, thankfully that didn’t happen.

  1. How do I stop this exploit of people removing everyones’ weapons?
  2. Why do they all join and request the same thing? “Oh, I can fix this, just run blah blah in luarun!” (except they always use httpfetch and a string.char to try to act clever, which they really aren’t)
  3. Am I the only server owner experiencing this?

If you’re playing on Sandbox or a Sandbox derived gamemode that’s why. It’s an old exploit that has been around since it was first made iirc.

So there is no fix to this?

senator over @ cracked that shit a while ago.

its worthless to use now.

Nobody really gives a shit about cancerous cheats being leaked or cracked tbh.

so I’m stuck with people being able to strip everyones’ weapons?

Do all servers have this issue?

i.e. servers like superiorservers, garnetgaming, all have this vulnerability?

the cheats pasted garbage anyways.

So all servers have this vulnerability and there is no fix?

Any decent modern prop protection addon should have the exploit patched.

I am using falco’s prop protection and APG.

What do I need to configure then?

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Yes, quite funny, but what’s the fix with fpp, moku?

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So uh, you know. Still have this wonderful issue of people stripping everyone of their weapons repeatedly, despite me having cake anticheat, fpp, and apg is made by a bunch of australian retards who have no clue what they are doing