People who can't get started and beg for a wipee

You understand that it is harder to get started when there are a million freshies running around rather than Kevlars with M4s right? If you get ANY wood and other freshy sees you, they will chase you for forever, you might as well stop and fight or stop and die. I died 6 times in a row in 20 minutes the day the server got wiped because of freshies who wanted to steal my resources. So I waited a day until everyone was settled into a home, and then I played. I got a 3 story house without dying once, and people had kevlar and M4s. I just played smart. When I saw Kevlars I ran, when I saw another nude I ran, I kept myself in solitude until I had some sort of armor and a gun. I didn’t run up to Kevlars yelling FRIENDLY! That is so dumb… I will shoot you every time. They always try to hit me with a pickaxe to get my kevlar and gun. Does any veteran player agree?

I agree with your statement except It’s not that freshies run up to people with Kevlar and M4s Unless you’re a retard. It’s that people with kevlar and M4s see a freshie mine 10 wood and spend all the bullets into him.

Not Our fault they are taking our resources and could be a threat in the future

How do you think countries formed in real life? People trade… someone else having a town or base isn’t a threat, it can just as easily be an advantage. The world would be a HORRIBLE, savage place if everyone thought like you.

Actually it has the opposite effect.
Once upon a time I got killed as a freshspawn, i decided upon respawning to find that hut, i built near it getting enough supplies and eventually after a day and a half me and a bunch of friends raided that same guy and destroyed his house with 10 C4. Not all freshspawn like me will hunt you down for revenge, it’s a bad chain effect, meaning you kill a freshspawn, that once they become geared up will do the same thing to somebody else that might one day be you.

except that goes to shit when people can respawn.

Or if you’re like me, you want a wipe because your at endgame and theres nothing else to do except shoot fresh spawns. :slight_smile:

The thing is I have been in 3 new wipes already and with in the first day there are people running around in full kevlar w/M4s killing nudists so I don’t think a wipe will fix that.

Not sure if its just cause its testing phase and so spawns are high but I would like to see guns and gun blueprints MUCH harder to find.