People who want to team up in a huge group.


Guys i see that Rust has a big Shoot On Sight problem. Let`s help it a bit.
I invite everybody who wants to team up (No Limit) onto a teamspeak 3 server.

The adress is:

When you join scroll down and find channel called: 16.Not Infected
Join the Rust Channel under: 16.Not Infected

Everybody is welcome.

Even when i won`t be online come there to meet new people. (Assuming that someone will actually read that post and join)

Join if you want to talk about Rust and team up, basically.
Cheers, AllTheAces

if i get a key ill join you guys :slight_smile:
i want to make a HUGE house :stuck_out_tongue:

Well for now i am just alone but if this thread will get popular and we get a lot of people i will create a Rust SERVER, not just a channel, a whole server

i just started building my house, if it wasn’t for that id join your couse

Well, we don`t want just to make a huge house, we want to make a huge group of people to eliminate the Kill On Sight problem, join if you want :wink:

Nah, now that i have my little box in the middle of no where ill kill every one that even looks at it ^^

Good idea :]

When I read this I had high hopes for an actually group that would build a village/big building.

I was saddened.

I’m pretty sure a few people, including me, have suggested that but they never got a real response from people who want to join the project.

Hey I would love to join but I dont know what that team speak is can U explain. Also I do not have a code but plan to buy gold to get one soon.