I don’t know y’all remember this but back in the 90’s Pepsi have a mascot call “Pepsiman”. it’s like 7-up have Cool-spot. Hopefully I can get someone to make him to Garry’s mod for good use.

Here’s the commercials just to get to know him.


I support this entirely.

And im willing to do the skin for it.

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Or well.


to think that if you watch the last commercial on the video, they have a Pepsiwoman but it was only exclusive at Japan!!!

I definitely support.

nahkas multipurpose male bodies

reskin dummy head use bodygroups to disappear dick

Then after that, someone should make Pepsi Woman.

“You can disappear dick,but you can never disappear balls”

I refer the ssbm wire frame model reskin of him, although Pepsiman is muscular on his description. also the file is been released.

But that would require rigging the model and what not, would be easier to reskin the multipurpose nude bodies. I think the head has been hacked off though, unless he figured out a way to make the heads completely transparent.

yea I know but the design is base off a mannequin structure and thought the wireframe be the best fit. I couldn’t say how long it would to rig the model minis the face pose add-on. just saying…

Model hack off the dick, give him a new head from like, this:

Or something, replace feet, skin up.

Don’t forget the terrifying sucker-like skin flap he uses as a ‘mouth’.

Well there’s always this model despite it’s original texture. even Y’all said it have to be rig but I don’t mind waiting for someone volunteer to do it.

God dammit dude no, that thing looks terrible.

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Why do you want it so bad when it LOOKS so bad?

balls go off too with bodygroups and the dummy head looks like pepsi man

it will look ok even if you have to use bodygroups to disappear the part down there everytime you spawn it

Just you know, I’m keeping this friendly so I don’t know why you are mad. please relax

You keep bringing that specific model up.

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That’d be tedious and the head is very low poly.

but they are similar to each other, plus you act like you want this your way…

still better than sthe fighting wireframe

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or you can try this

I don’t think y’all understand, the reason I brought that up because Y’all talking about stealing nahkas models without asking permission. you don’t like to have someone to PM quoting something like “don’t steal people’s work and take the credit” on your indox do you? that’s the reason I came up with the wireframe, to have a fresh new model with the pepsi-man texture. if y’all still want the nahkas model, go ahead but I hate to see whats going to happen next.

you can Quote trash at me all you want “most likely AaronM202 would” but I’m not gonna be here to see it… have a good day!!!