Perfect car for rust

I think this car is ideal for rust, without a car seat, it can be finished, I think the car should be no more than two people, if the car is roomy more than 2 people, then servers will rule vandalism! group of people to have a car. the car should not be a lot, to the server 2 or maybe 3 pieces on the entire server, so that was a real war for transport.

concept i can agree with, actual design…well needs work.

I agree that a lot, but the design of such a vehicle will be combined with the game!

I rather see more a mount than a vechicle. Rust should focus on nature + enviroment first.

However a “tech tree” like the good old age of empires is also a nice concept.

perhaps you prefer a car? to see in the game is about survival?

No cars please.

why, without a car, especially rusty. just to make maintenance very difficult

I dont think you understood me. I clearly said more ANIMALS and enviroment aka nature. I rather mount a horse than drive a car in a game like rust.

About carrying loot and stuff i think this would definely look better :

now I understand that the horse is not the best in the game Rust