Perfect Dark:Source Pistol Replacement for GMod 11

I got sick of the default pistol. It’s pretty ugly, IMO.

So, I got a hold of the PD SWEPS pack and replaced the HL2 pistol with the PD:Source version. Includes sounds, the silenced/scope/standard models and a spawnlist for the props. Both View and World models are included. NPCs also can use them. Secondary modes don’t work, as I don’t know how to add them.
Can someone tell me how to make images show as thumbnails? I seem to have forgotten. :\

Got this SShot from my ancient Compac Armada, hence the crap FPS in Construct with lowest settings.

Alyx, using the scoped version, this time on my desktop.


Link to the SWEPs:

Perfect Dark:Source Team for the weapons and other related files.
Lune66 - For Making the SWEPs in the first place.
Furby - For Uploading the “Perfect Dark SWEPs Pack” that I got the models from.
Me(eGoWaffles) - For…you know, making the pistol replacement.

Wait Lune66 is alive?

you need to make it look like gordon is holding it.

What’s a Gmod 11?

Actually if you could re upload the old one where they were sweps unto themselves, I was kinda curious if someone could fix the grenade launcher on one of 'em cause when I used to use it I’d get spammed with error messages.

it’s garrysmod 10 he’s talking about. some people call it garrysmod 11 because of the orange box update.

also looks nice i’m downloading it now.

Wrong Section…newbies…

…then get someone to move it.

I dunno, I got the credits from the info.txt

I don’t know how to fix them, myself. Too lazy to learn lua atm.
I added the link to the OP.

I might try it later. I posted this at like 3:30am and didn’t think about the hands.

EDIT: Nevermind, that would require editing the V_models themselves and replacing the gloved hands with HEV suit ones. I don’t have source SDK installed and don’t plan on doing so, yet. Maybe one day, but not today.
If you want to try, by all means, knock yourself out.