Perfect Dark Tranquilizer Gun

I recreated the Tranquilizer gun from Perfect Dark (n64). Unlike the other Tranquilizer SWEP out there, this one doesn’t “knock you out”, but instead slows your movement, and makes your vision get very blurry.
Unfortunately, I haven’t the time to make a video, but if someone else out there wants to, I’ll happily credit you for it, and post it in this post. I realize it’s not a COMPLETE copy of the PD version, but it’s close.

I have NOT tested this online against other players - only NPC’s; so I’m hoping I didn’t fuck anything up.

Primary fire shoots a regular dart

Secondary does instant kill. In order to do this you need to be right up to the other player, and have a full magazine. The gun won’t fire it’s secondary attack unless there are a full 6 rounds in the clip. You can only be atmost 42 units away or else the SWEP won’t do anything.


(This screenshot is older, don’t worry about that ugly crosshair)

Smoother transitions/fading with the effects.
Effects last longer, and the player moves slower for a longer period of time.

Initial release.


If on Buddha mode, and you are shot down to one health the effect will no longer work.

Me, of course
Elspin for helping me with whatever little question I had.
Teta Bonita for fixing a small error i had getting secondary fire to work.

Next release:
Slower NPC movement.

Oh man this is awesome! What are the affects on npc’s? Do they slow down?

No, but thanks for the idea. I’ll see if it’s possible.

:lol: Well maybe they should slow down and suck at aim? That would be awesome!

I don’t see whats so great about this, I mean it just blurs you (and shoots if you go close up)

Yes! I love perfect dark and i love this! Good job!

Hokay, made the transitions smoother, I’ll have it uploaded soon.


Oh, and if you want to play around with this with NPC’s, change the line that says,
[lua]if attacker:GetActiveWeapon():GetClass() == “weapon_tranquilizer” then[/lua]
to “weapon"pistol”, then just spawn an NPC with the pistol.

Will that apply to all SCIENTOLOGY. Wait a minute…

Will that apply to all sweps? Can i make a combine have a nuke instead of an rpg!?


You can have the pistol do the same effect as the SWEP.


New version.

I wish to see more weapons that work with npcs.

What do you mean?


Sup yo

This should do stuff to NPCs. In the actual Perfect Dark, they kind of run into walls and shoot the ceiling… So… Yeah…

I tried getting help with that, but no one posted in my thread

this the collest weapon

I remember this one hl2 mod that had a pdark tranq model… and a cyclone and all the other stuff

Does anyone want me to keep working on this?

Or is/was it a waste of time?

Just so you know the lua for slower npc movement is in the Ice magic swep:
youll need to take out the color trigger though

i fried my vid card, so… yeah