Perfect Dark Xbla Models extraction

Hello, everyone. I am new to the whole Perfect Dark mapping, and modeling But not in general. I was wondering deeply. And I mean deeply, if it was such possible to obtain the models from PD xbla. I’m came as far as to (I guess) opend the pd xbla file by copying it to a usb drive, and using a program to open the one file with no extension. And came across this file named: “PackedSegFile”… its another file with no extension, but I’ve read this file contains the maps and, or models data. problem is, how do I access it. Not sure if anyone’s attempted such fate. But if you have, PLEASE let me know. I is desperate. (Not really) but it would be nice.

you can download the containments of what was in the “xbla game file from xbox.” If that made sense. So you’ll know what I’m talking about.