Perfect DARKRP Prop Ban List & Spawnlist

The V2 WIP thread

Hate Minge Bags spamming your RP server with huge props from god knows where?
Here is the solution!

It is a perfect DARKRP Prop Ban list & Spawnlist (of the Banned Props) >;D

ALL the props from Hl2, CS;S, DOD:s, TF2, HL2:Ep1, and HLDM:s were spawned and banned based on the following:

Size ‘Negative’
Usefullness ‘Positive’
Weight ‘minor Negative’
Ease of access ‘very Negative’
Annoyingness ‘Arguably Negative’
Breakable? ‘very Positve’

Just about 887 Props (and some annoying effects) were banned based on this criteria.

For all the 10 year olds, the spawnlists are in addon format
Get It here ---->

Any thoughts, questions, comments? Post them

Hmm looks interesting, Dling

*EDIT: Works perfectly, nice!

Feed back from a tester has convinced me to possibly Revise the list.

So a 2nd Version can be expected some day :v:

For anyone who want’s a MySQL query for this, here ya go.
Saves you time from my organization.

Dude, I love this

this is also 5 years old. It’s most likely not applicable.

Though, restarting this for darkrp servers would be pretty nice, if anyone wants to share.

The V2 thread should be better than this one, no?

I rather not share my list since I feel like if the Owner wont take a few hours to go through props to make sure they can’t be abused/exploited then he really shouldn’t be hosting a Darkrp server/

When everyone ends up banning all of the same props anyway I don’t see what the big deal is if someone wants to release a master list of the griffon props.

This is amazing! Thx man!! Didnt wana go trough all this one more time!:goodjob: