Perfect fin heli

                                                 I came to THAT through THIS 


                                                         Download the heli: 


                                                         Song (first video): 


Here’s a fancy speech with acknowledgments for all the crap I gone through to get to this.

                  TL;DR no more threads about dev crap (for those who've seen 'em) tut time. 

My equals… players of Garry’s mod. For many years we have been a broken people, ignorant, misinformed and halted by blind assumption. Two years ago I asked for time, and that time was granted by you, you strength in my arm, The holders of my dreams. The Swashplate project started in November 2007 and finished the 11th of May 2011. A chapter in my life ending… but a new one beginning. Along the way many have followed and many have left, this is a list of those who did, for it was for these souls that I have come to this point. To them I give them a piece of my pride, for they DESERVE it!

Twitch, Hitman, Blaylock, Gamah, Oenmaster, Meeph, Cricket, Andy, Beowulf, Gunski, Drunkie, Ratboy, MyMMC, Llama, Premium, Omega, illuminati, Azarael, Paperclip, Warlock, Balto, Mactrekkie, Divran, Sabreman, Longbyte, James, Emspike, LuckOrLoss, and Recon (Thanks for the serv).

A lot of ppl from

You never cease to amaze.

Once again you must show me how to do this

You just beat GMod

I remember the first time you showed your ideas in this forum and I completely denied that it was possible. Then we worked together getting it working great with wiremod, and even after I stopped, you kept doing all kinds of amazing research, advancing the swashplate technology further and further.

I’m more proud than you can imagine. Wonderful job XXXmags. <3

Very nice, looks pretty much perfect to me. Watch out for the link though, they don’t like dupes over there. Wouldn’t want to see you banned for sharing something as cool as this, which is one of the reasons why I disagree with the blanket dupe ban.

:smiley: thank you all. I’ve had my other helis uploaded to for a couple months now and nothing has happened.

No words to describe… :’)

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Holy shit I’m on the list.

You sir, are a genius. Now, could this be applied to real life? That would make any physicist’s day. Or pilot. Or aircraft engineer’s. Really anyone who knows this stuff. I do have an idea, maybe noobie. How about a Da Vinci style helicopter? That would be interesting to see.

Yea, that was enough to earn you a dumb.

Yes indeed. In fact it has been done with small models.

[media] <- The helicopter in that picture is not all that small. It has a rotor span of roughly 280 cm with a mass of 280 grams or so.

Sorry for my derp, I was reading his other thread as I read this one, and mixed up the reply with this thread:

And yes, that was a dumb. This is still amazing though. Your contraptions fantastic. Keep up the awesome.


posting because it says the last post is by

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i went flybarless too :v

Shame that we wont see any more Dev threads from you. I followed you from the start (albeit under a different alias) and although i didn’t post, It was wonderful watching what was in a sense a plant growing. A seed was planted, an idea which grew into a fulfilment of your dream. Not many people can profess to have the dedication and ability, and want to learn. Congratulations, and thank you.

You will, but not about helicopters, Dreams’ not done yet :wink:

Now, Make an automated robotic one that can track and shoot people.

Bit of a completely pointless bump of an otherwise dead thread if you ask me. Why do people see the need to do stuff like this? Damn trolls.

Because some Motherfucker wants him to make an automated robotic one that can track and shoot people. How absurd.