Perfect home/base?

Is there a possible way to make a home completely impenetrable. Even the ones I’ve seen on YouTube end up being penetrable in some way. But keeping an open, mind is it at all possible during this current version? :slight_smile:

where is the fun in that?

I am curious…? What’s wrong with encountering a challenge? The challenge being on both sides. One trying to be creative, building the structure while the other side is trying to figure out a way into it. Perhaps through trial and error it could be done. S’all I was saying…

A 2x1 tower with metal doors each floor. Around it 2 found with pillar.
Thats safe so u can only use c4 from bot to top. BUT it pleases to be griefed!

All bases can be raided. It’s just a question of how much effort/C4 the raiders need.

My rather logical orientated mind says, no.

How should that be possible? The only question is, how many C4 are needed. Or am I missing sth…?

Suicide base?

build a woodn base 7x7 with a metal wall around it (3 high) … build it 7 floors high… attacker needs about 70+ C4 if they destroy all metal doors (and about 35+ C4 if they go the absolute perfect way in this labyrinth).

metal wall around prevents from building upwards, or adding foundations on your base to build upwards.

you will hate your own base if you try to move from bottom to top to get to your storage boxes. so… why build it? don´t know. did it once, farmed for 2 weeks then decided to build 1x2 houses (about 20 of them) around in the mountains and split my loot… get raided, only lose 1/20 of your gear… rebuild and be fine.

fuck huge bases… no one needs that shit…

and there is no way to build a base which can´t be raided. even suicide houses can be raided with storage box + woodn wall to get into the 2nd floor easy.

I’ve raided 20+ houses which looks like that

An old base I built needed a huge number of explosive charges to get to the good stuff. If there are unraidable bases they should be removed from the game.

With all that said I’ve raided 3 suicide bases. They are silly. It shouldn’t be permitted.

Need 3 row of pilar outside or more for sure and a lot of level and lot of door in it. It’s the only best house I’ve found.

Than just hide your sleeping bags and most valuable stuff somewhere uncommon.

I tough about a lot of woodshelter too. But you can see trough it and find the sleeping bag.

I think suicide bases are the best. You are taking the risk by invading right?

That being said, unraidable is just boring. Just find a better place to build one and make it as save as possible.

There shouldn’t be unraidable bases. If you see a suicide base, shoot at the box to destroy it.

It will become useless base that will decay. Suicide bases are terrible and stupid for many reasons.

We made a 5x5 base, 5 stories high. There are only 1x1 rooms with doors between each. In every room there is a small wood storage box with the same amount of all useful uncrafted material, i.e. cloth, wood, stones, sulfur, blood etc. The center room in each story contains two furnaces, a workbench and a large wood storage box which contains the crafted stuff (guns, armor, c4). This is also splitted equally to each story. So if we’re raided, they need to open every room to completely wipe us out, which is not economical and therefore didn’t happen to now. It’s the same as placing various small bases around the map, but with multiple bases you need to open every base once a day to prevent decay, which is a pain in the ass.

tl;dr build a base with many rooms and split your stuff equally between them

Or, just make a single story structure really, really wide. Ceilings are indestructible so there’s no shortcut to the next level (or center) and no guarantee that the loot IS dead center…
And again, spread the loot out. The best way is to make the raiders waste as much C4 as possible. Always.

10x10 maze house
loot room can be anywhere many fake rooms with chests and multiple floors

This is what I like to do now. I used to put lots of 1x1’s and 2x1’s spread around in different places, but decay is a pain. I’m currently in a 7x7, which has 3 paths to the center, and otherwise every foundation is walled off. Loot spread around, small boxes in the dummy rooms, 4 rooms with furnace/workbench/large wood box to throw them off a bit further.

The basic principle of effective base defense boils down to making the resource cost of raiding you higher than the resources gained from the raid.

That said, it’s not much good to have a base which requires the raiders to break through 5-10 layers when the raiders have 100 C4 and nothing better to do with it.

Which is why I always keep 5 large wooden storage crates and 1000 wood in my suicide base at all times. People will grief them by shooting the boxes and barricades I use to get to them, so I’ll just suicide to a different suicide base and gather in that region instead lol

Also, you can be very creative with small stashes. They appear only if you’re very near to them, so they can be hidden in/under various spaces. Saved us many times.