Perfect Ring / Circle models

Hello everybody. It’s been a long while since I’ve been here, but it’s good to be back!

I’ve recently been getting back to Garry’s Mod and I’ve been playing around with lots of ideas. I haven’t touched GMod for several years so I’m kind of only just discovering Wire Mod and such. One of the things I am interested in building is a spherical gyroscope (if that is even what you call that…).

What I need is a set of rings of various sizes. They need to be as round as possible (e.g. not 8 cornered rings) and by size I mean really big. I’m trying to create a scene from the 1997 movie ‘Contact’ with Jody Foster (good movie, go see it). Here’s a video on YouTube about the machine I am talking about. (Skip to 8:50) WARNING - If you haven’t seen the movie this will spoil some of it… >_>

This video also shows what I mean with size, I need BIG rings…

I have searched for Phoenix model packs that contain rings, I have searched this forums on Rings and Circle models. I’ve only come up with Sonic the Hedgehog rings, not exactly what I am looking for, hehe.

Can anyone point me to a model pack that contains such rings or would anyone be so kind to make a set of rings for me? I’d prefer if it was included in some popular model pack because I’d like to be able to show it on multiplayer servers as well, but I’m okay with custom models just to make the mechanics behind this.

Thanks a lot in advance! =)