Perfect server for noobs

tired of getting raided every day after working hard on your lil hut? get killed every time you gather?
then this server is perfect for your. this server is for people who are getting started with rust and are still noobs. the server is low populated and me and bunch of my friends play on it… we are very well set up with kevlars and M4s… we are absolutely friendly and kill any bandits trying to raid/steal or kill people. Please join

the server is called
to connect press f1 and type: net.connect

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I just joined the server everyone is so nice they gave me shelter and food to start life Its AWESOME!

I would like to show show support for this server by making this post.

Aegis-gaming for me so far has been quite enjoyable as a server to just build and hang out with others on. So far, a couple of friends and I have set up a small base that we all share and are currently building up. We have plenty of good neighbors around us, and it is quite fun to visit with them. Sadly, the only flaw of the server is that it is too lowly populated. The server is decent, and deserve more people on it.

Here is the progress on my house, anyone is welcome to stop by if they are in the area:

Feel free to settle near our group, we are rather friendly


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And let me guess, when you can’t kill them and they’re better than you and over run your town and you realise it turns out its a group of 20+ people, you’d start to ban them.

Verified extremely friendly. low player volume.

What are u saying? Iam not even an admin … We are just heroes(anti bandits) you can still kill and raid ppl in the server but me and my buddies will go after them and hunt them down. All we are trying to do is make a lil friendly community… Nit saying that bandits aren’t welcome or banning them…