Perfect Shot Ruined By Jittery Camera

So I’m working on a video and the stationary camera is set to follow the car coming out the back of the aircraft (See video). The shot is perfect, but the movement of the camera is jittery as all hell. Any solutions?
Also, the same thing happens when using Catmul-Cams, and the jitteryness was not caused by the computer as this was done with Source Recorder.

(Solutions other than demo smoother please)

I suggest for this shot you try Fraps or Wegame if it’s this bothersome

This is why I hate source recorder

It could be that your cat tracks are not smoothed out entirely, and its jumping from position to position. But the shot seems simple enough to be done by hand, just play with your mouse sensitivity and it should be smooth.

I don’t seem to have this problem. =/

That shot looked amazing! What were you using for the plane?

Cameras set to follow things do that.

Probably the best solution is to build a rail or something for the camera, like in studios.

Lookin pretty nice, but ya, i see no reason why ya couldn’t use the mouse and fraps for that one.

I only use source recorder, its about 1000000x better than Fraps ever could be.

So anyway, I developed a camera on top of some of my high precision guided missile E2 code. Works like a dream while also allowing me to create moving shots which I didn’t think were possible. After I finish my video, I’ll release it as a contraption…when its completely tested and perfected of course.

For that shot I used source recorder. It does jump a few times but then again I’m not using a camera. I hope you figure it out. It took alot of shots to get it right. I do all my direction of photography and editing. Having other people do the scene while you shoot really helps. If you need some, let me know. Steam ID is Zeluch.