Perfect Strategy - TF141 guys are shooting to Ultranationalist

I tryed to change my tracer
so how does it looks?

He activated his wall-hax.
The tracer looks like a laser and the Burning on the guy on the left seems random.
Whatever, good picture.

The tracer is backwards, it needs to be stronger at the end and softer at the start, also the blood got some weird red aura around it.

Great blood but that tracer is way too big and isn’t following the line of the barrel at all. Also, this picture would be a lot better if there wasn’t a tracer at all but more splinters and dust from the fence - more realistic that way.

Lighting is good and I love that grass effect. I hate the red camo though and I don’t understand why the Russians are using Israeli weapons. Also, it looks like you didn’t isolate the guy on the right before you burned him.


Nice posing bro.
But to nitpick, why is there a flash if it has a supressor and shouldn’t blood be going the opposite direction?

I laughed because that always happens to me in multiplayer. The editing is amazing, the blood especially, and the posing is spot on.