Brand new server based in UK - London, just made today!

Perfection rust offers you the chance to join are fantastic growing server, with plenty of mods and more being added by player request! We care about our gaming community and we want to bring you a pleasant rust experience as best we can. We have at present 2 mature active none intrusive/abuse admins which we feel is plenty at the moment, more will be recruited as we grow. Please see a list below of our server features, We have lots more features on the way!. Inclusive of a pre-paid 2 year hosting contract, 2 year uptime 100% guarantee!

For a limited time only all new players recieve an advanced starter kit!


No Wipes
Long Term
Instant Crafting
No Fall Damage
Starter Kits Available
Extended Decay - 1 Week
No Durability
Private Messaging
Airdrops + Notification
Death Handler
Custom Loot Table
Private Message
Remove Tool
Ping Checker
Door Share
And Much More To Be Added At Player Requests!


Anti-Hack, Anti-speed|jump|invetory checker|Anti-aimbot
Advanced DDoS Protection

If these sounds like features you would be interested in, or want somethig thats not specified on the list, come join us and help us grow! we are here for YOU not for US!

Connection Information (press f1 at the game menu for console, in the console type net.connect
Website - Under Construction -

Update, Added Instant Craft - Death Handler at request.

Planned Feature Updates

Extended decay time, possibly to 1 week
No durability or increased current items durability (based on majority vote)
Starter Kits/Welcome Package
Friends List
Custom events

Update, Extended decay time to 1 week - Removed resource refund when removing own player object and updated message to reflect the update.

Upated, Added full refund when removing a player object, all objects are removeable now.

Update, Migrated to UK - London, all player data still intacted.