Performance getting worse at higher resolutions?

This has been a progressively worse issue, I originally switched to 4k around January. I was able to play Rust at around full settings at 2160p (4k) with around 60-80fps - the frame drops were not often and it played smooth.
I took a lot of breaks in between updates but over time I’ve had to change my settings on 4k to medium-low to get to ~40-50fps with some inconsistent drops.
After a couple weeks I’ve had to switch to 1440p because 4k at low-medium settings were becoming ~15-40fps, a lot of frame drops. I am able to play at 1440p with decent settings and I got 50-70fps, but I was wondering what could be causing this? Whenever I wanting to play with 100% constant FPS for the PvP I have to switch to 1080p. I understand this is an Alpha, I’ve been playing Rust for 2 years and it’s been great to see the development. I just wanted to bring this to someones attention.

i7-3930k @ 4.3Ghz
GTX 980 SLI (Unity doesn’t support SLI so I only use 1 of the cards)

yeah, thats true, game is getting to be much more difficult for our hardware, my gtx 970 cant run it smoothly on mid details 1080p :frowning: i have like 50fps and while zooming i drop to 15-30 :frowning: