Performance issues after latest Garry's Mod updates.

Hello, I am here to find help and support about this issue since I have tried multiple hosting companies such as NFOServers, GMCHosting and more. They all seem to have this issue on a fresh reinstall no matter what gamemode. The issue is that whenever someone joins, switches jobs, spawns in a prop etc, the variance spikes. However it’s weird, because this was not an issue before the last few updates/hot fixes. Call me crazy, but I have talked to many other servers owners who said they have the same issue. I also joined and saw they have the same issue. Now the variance spiking a bit, I know, not a threat, however sometimes it’s noticeable and it bothers me. Servers like Icefuse or Superior Servers do not have this issue, they have a custom gamemode.

You may think this is normal, but before I do not remember this issue occurring. Now, most of the time the lag is not noticeable thankfully, but sometimes it’s unfortunately. Lets say you switch to a job that spawns with a lot of weapons the var generally spikes higher. I am also running on 22 tick on a premium core for GMCHosting, which is on the I7-4790k processor. Here’s where it gets weird. Lets say I spawn in a prop, the var raises to 5, then when I spawn it again it doesn’t raise. When I switch back to the same job, no lag. Same thing with a vehicle, spawn one in It seems it only lags when running/using it for the first time.

Please, before judging me and calling me stupid please take these points into consideration:

  • Same issues on other servers.
  • This issue never occurred before the latest updates.
  • I tried it and it’s still an issue with multiple hosting companies no matter what gamemode including with a fresh wipe so my shitty addons aren’t in there.
  • Yes, the variance spiking a bit is not a threat, but sometimes instead of it spiking to 5, it spikes to 20-30 and when driving a car, it is noticeable and it sucks.
  • I tried connecting everything to databases using MySQL with all the modules there is.

The only issue that is similar to this, is threads about ULX causing lag on players joining. However that was a long time ago and I switched and found an alternative and never had lag/spike issues again.

The only two things I can guess is that, I did my testing wrong and it’s DarkRP, which wouldn’t make sense since it worked perfectly fine with 2.7 before the latest updates and the gamemode never updated since. Or it’s something in Garry’s Mods recent updates.

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Oh, by the way, check this out. :slight_smile:

I’m also getting the same problem on an NFOServers dedicated machine, figured i just had to deal with it but it has gotten to the point where it is a nuisance to spawn vehicles or switch to a job with a lot of weapons such as the custom classes we have on our server. We need a fix.

Yea, I really hope this gets fixed in the next update.

Yea I noticed this issue as well and I do not remember this before. It’s a shame that this has over 100 views and not one helpful comment. Instead the thread is just being pushed down from kids learning how to open ports and install addons LMAO.

What do you want people to say? I haven’t noticed any performance drops on sandbox – unless you narrow down a specific section of code or function that is causing performance issues, there’s nothing anyone can do to help.

Yea, we tested it on sandbox and there was some lag but it was very hard to notice. Almost to the point to where it could even be the new updating only effecting certain gamemodes. Which would support why Icefuse and Superior doesn’t have issues. Try switching it to DarkRP and then switch jobs and look at the variance each time. Remember, switching jobs to jobs you have already switched to will not cause lag. Always new things, so try to switch between different jobs. If you still do not notice any variance issues let me know and I will add you on steam and I will come on and we will test together.

Are you running some weird hooks or are you absolutely vanilla DarkRP right now? Perhaps worth trying a profiler and seeing if anything stands out.

Well I tried 2.6 and 2.7 unedited (with no other alterations, after a fresh reinstall). I also tried editing it, couldn’t find anything helpful, no errors either other than those */ comment things that I already removed. But yea, if anyone could add me here I can exactly show you what I am talking about. This isn’t only me either. I tried multiple other servers. I am getting a bit worried that I am wrong, not that there’s an issue, but because there’s an issue and it effected DarkRP and we all have to wait for DarkRP to be updated. Yea, back on topic however if you want to know what I am talking about exactly you may add my steam profile here:

Post profiling results of what is causing the lag.

I think the few top ones may help us. Looks like it’s DarkRP after all? Unless I did the profiling wrong.

It could be any of your addons using DarkRPVarChanged hook.

Thing is, I tried without any addons except DarkRP and modification, it was still an issue.

Then try again and run the profiler.


Remove all addons and only run the profiler with DarkRP only.

Does the performance drop still happen if you set “GM.Config.logging” to false in darkrpmodification? I don’t think it’ll make any difference to those profiler results, but it’s the only performance issue I can spot myself when players spawn.

I did try it with false. If you could add my steam then I can come on and show you the issue.

I really hope this gets fixed.

I just noticed this and made an account quickly to reply. But yea I have this issue as well.