Performance Issues Regarding the "New" Rust.

You can’t really call it new seeing as it has been around for a while now, but with the update that brought it to the default branch, I’ve been facing a few more issues than I was previously.
Before a few days ago, the game ran smooth as butter, better than legacy did, even though I had AA and texture qualities pumped to the max. However, this was interrupted ever few minutes by an awful lagspike that brought the game down to about 5-15fps for a few minutes. After a while (Usually when I shift-tabbed or alt-tabbed out of the game) it would correct itself again, and the cycle continues. With the new update it seems like the highs, when I don’t get the sudden lag spike, has dropped. The performance doesn’t seem as good but the lagspikes are just as bad.

Is this an issue with my laptop? Or is this an issue everyone is currently facing? I’ve tried searching the forums to find a similar thread but I have had no luck. The only troubleshooting threads I have really seen so far is the auto-close on startup bug (which, if you are wondering, you can fix by changing your default branch in the Rust properties, apparently).

If anyone is interested in my specs, I am using a Toshiba Satellite A660, which has a GT330m, 6gb RAM and a 512gb harddrive. However, even though these specs are low, I don’t think it is what is causing the problem. I’ll keep troubleshooting and update the thread if I come up with any more information.

PLEASE NOTE, I UNDERSTAND IT IS AN ALPHA, I’M JUST WONDERING IF IT IS JUST ME WHO IS FACING THE ISSUE OR NOT AND IF ANY OTHER PEOPLE HAVE SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO FIX IT. Thought I would add that in there because people tend to jump straight to that argument in any thread possible.

I wouldn’t pay any attention to the performance right now. I have a fairly skookum gaming pc and I have some of these same issues some of the time. Right now, the performance can change drastically between updates; going from smooth-as-glass one day to slideshow overnight and back again in the afternoon. There is probably nothing you can do about these kinds of performance issues except wait.

You can try turning off some graphics options in the F2 menu but I don’t this will help you here.

it is an issues for everyone,
they cannot optimize for speed while the game is in heavy development because that would require them to redo the same work each time (slow updates, less updates…).

Same impression here. i7 950. Radeon HD 5800. Bug Report was build on first startup. New install. Now it work. But in the menue i have no options for Audio-, Grafik, Key´s and so on.
Graphiccards Fan is going to be noisy. Game crashes if i pull up the Grahicresolution to Good or Simple. A few Days ago the game was running fine and on high resolution exclluding AA.

Anywhere out there who can fix this problem.


I am having similar issues but mine is high memory usage/leak which in the worst case just causes the client to crash. I have seen this on and off through update revisions in my Exp server that I have been running since the day they released the Exp server files.

Last night I Read somewhere in here a post from Garry I think that this is potentially the Speedtree system causing the issue. May or may not also be causing general lag also?

If you’re having a lot of performance issues, try completely re-installing Rust if you’ve had the game for a long time. On fastest, with all F2 features set to minimal/off, I barely could get 15 fps for awhile with a decent computer. I deleted the game and reinstalled, and I get 30-60 with a few lag spikes here and there with full draw distance kept on, shadows off, and most F2 options disabled.

A game being in development is no reason for not doing speed optimilization… better yet… wait with it too long and it will be unfixable.
Iterative development cycles… my quess is that they don’t know what it is.

You do realize some of it is caused by the beta Unity5/Speedtree combo? They can only report those issues and hope Unity fixes them sooner than later? Being said what Facepunch could work on is client/server prediction.

I realised it -a bit- and ofcourse some work should remain to be done last.

The complete development just sound like they are constantly re-inventing the wheel and ending up with a square one, rather than using the commonly accepted one.

Rust is just a Sandbox game… and mostly referring to its development style.

The development is fine. They are doing a lot - adding many things - listening to player feedback. Rust is going to be an amazing game.

I think they underestimated the number of players who want to play rust but don’t have amazing gaming rigs. So there is a lot of disappointment now because many of us cannot play the Experimental version of rust. People who can play legacy fine are surprised to learn they cannot play the new version at all because it demands too much from their computer.

They did the right thing in starting over and moving to Unity 5. It will make the game much better, even though it will take a while before to make the Experimental version to a full-featured, good, optimized game.

I just hope they will be able to make the new version run as well on lower end computers. That would be sad if we could only play legacy because the requirements for the new version are much higher.

Thanks for the suggestions/information guys. I understand the game’s going under a lot of development at the moment and there is definitely going to be issues, but I was just making sure it wasn’t something on my end.

When the game runs the way it should, it runs extremely well, like I stated above, so hopefully when they iron out the issues we can all enjoy it to it’s fullest.

No, they didn’t underestimate anything. At least, not in a way that really matters. Experimental isn’t optimized to the level legacy was, especially with the Unity 5 switchover. It’s not going to be that optimized for a while. Optimization is generally the last step before code freeze and debugging/testing.

You are missing the point of what I am saying. It does matter that they caused a lot of rust players to be disappointed when they tried the new version.

I believe Garry and FP did not realize how many unhappy players there would be when they changed Experimental over to the “current” branch: players who tried it for the first time and could not play it due to performance issues. There is a backlash now.

FP said, ok come on over to the new version. And players found: 1) a game that is not at all as fun as legacy, 2) a map that is much worse than legacy’s map, and 3) that many people can’t even play the new version because it is so CPU/GPU demanding. I know these things will change later, but the current state of Experimental is pretty bad. Combat alone is much worse.

My opinion: it was a mistake to make Experimental the default version when so many Rust players cannot play it. Look at the comments on Reddit and here. Many people are saying that it is a problem that the new version is unplayable for a lot of Rust players.

Lastly, all you wrote quoted below is pretty obvious, at least to me. It doesn’t change my view.

I have faith that it will get a lot better. But still want to give the feedback now on how far the new version is from being a good game, or being as good as legacy version. Even though it is Alpha, Rust players still want a fun, playable game. Probably because we had that in legacy for a long time.

Are you going to do a optimization for the mac version ?

So far, I wash´t able to play it properly once.

What is about the Error log. Who get this file. There is no information who needs the file.

I’m getting 20-30 fps with a GTX 780 :v: