Performance problems on laptop

I have a laptop Dell Inspiron 15r (7520) with i5-3210M processor, 6GB RAM, video card AMD Radeon HD7730M 2GB, Windows 8.1. I’ve used several games without any problem even with higher requirements. But I have had problems with experimental rust, the same graphics in “fast” has less than 20 FPS, the drivers are updated and the process is high performance in Catalyst. A friend has a laptop with the processor core 2 duo, 5GB RAM and video card NVIDIA GeForce 320M, Windows 7, under 15 FPS in graphic “fastest”. I wonder what I can do to solve this problem. Thank you.

dude u cant do shit, just be patient. ive asus republic of games
12 gb ram
core i7 2800
and nvidia gtx560m 3 gb ram
and i only see slideshow in this game

both running rather low spec laptops. my suggestion? new computer, or upgrade your ram, you really need at least 8gb at the moment.

It is surreal to play in minimal graphic!!!