Periodic Gaming's New Tiramisu HL2RP Server!

Tired of the same old boring HL2RP server on the same old boring HL2RP map? Well so were we! Introducing Periodic Gaming’s Tiramisu HL2RP server!

We are a friendly open community, we love to hear from our players on how we can improve the server. Admins are almost always on the server so minging is kept to a minimum here, and we are always adding new and better things! We try our best to make HL2RP fun for all parties and give our players all sorts of chances to join various groups and organizations on the server.

Apply on our website at

Our Server Features:
Friendly Admins
Fast DL
Awesome Game mode
Serious Doesn’t have to mean Boring on our server!
Business are being implemented
A promising Community!
And plenty of other things, but you will have to join to find out!

Hope to see you there!

Or just type in:

If you are tired of Halflife 2 RP, then why make a server about it? Why not go above and beyond and attempt to put together a server that isn’t based in the Halflife universe? A nice unique server would get a lot more attention than the same theme, with a different gamemode.

We arnt tired of HL2RP. were tired of the same old map and the same old OA script every one uses.

Yeah, that’s why I’m not going to join.

Maybe you shouldn’t judge until you have tried it? If you have the time to post negative comments about my server, then surely you have time to come try it out. We are on city 11, a map that is used very little, and it is a really nice map. If you don’t want to RP, then fine, but you don’t have to post “I’m not going to join.”

Lori is sensitive about over-used gamemodes. He tells everybody to be original rather than making his own special server.
Joining now. I don’t care how used it is, or if everybody else does it - I’ll do what I god damn enjoy!
So you guys can’t even bother to be on your server when you’re expecting new players? >_>

I’m terribly sorry, but I had to go eat dinner at some time =) We are still trying to get established and get a player base, our philosophy is players attract players. Alex and myself will be on for the rest of the night, if you would care to give it another go. We need opinions about the map, and the game mode. Did it take you long to download everything, or did you already have the stuff from another server?

-Mark Simon

Are you the only two members of the community…?


There is one other, but yes, we only have three people right now, which is why we are looking for more. We have other friends who periodically come in and out, but we only have three regular players right now. I am hoping that we can get a few regular players, who will in turn attract more players. Every community has to start out somewhere.

I’ll join in the off time when I am not playing my main server I go to.

Okay, thank you!
Note *We are unhappy with our previous map and are temporarily switching to city18 until we can find a different one, unless of course we end up with a lot of players.

I like the server, but alex is mean.

Ive played on the server for quite some time and it is a lot of fun, great community too!

Did the OP make an alt to make it seem like he had more players?

City 18…


I just joined and the code is quite broken to an extent.

Yea, sorry, that’s not the code that is broken, but the Fastdl. It takes along time to update, and if I reset before it is done everything gets messed up. But I am in the process of writing a whole new schema for Tiramisu with a semi-new cannon. That is, rebuilding after the combine are forced to leave earth (presumably sometime after after episode 3/half life 3). It will be a post apocalyptic style rp mashed with hl2rp, with a few twists. I hope it will be fun. Should be done relatively soon (within the next few days). It will be similar to Experim3nt/PhaseFour, but also have some semblance of HL2RP.

Similar to Phase Four? So whoring money printers, making gangs and shooting the shit out of everybody?

darkrp 4 lyf~~