Perk A Cola Machines V2

4 Perk’a Cola Machines from Call of Duty World at War
8 models (4 for On and 4 for Off)
3 Skins
Illumination for On
Beat the Zombie
Bloocobalt (Speed Cola Bottle Skin VTF and VMT)


Perk-a-Cola: Prices may very depending on map

Looking good


Yea boiii!

I think the reason for the 3 skin types is because of the new Ascencion Monkeys. They tear up the perk machines.

He… he ripped these from Black Ops?!

I took these from Call of Duty World at War. First game with zombies inside. The skin are for Verruckt, Shi no Numa and Der riese machines.

Well, they pretty much looked the same when I was playing, bar the price tag. Maybe I missed the diritier ones.