Perks/Experience and Multiverse

Couple of thoughts or suggestions for Rust

Idea 1
Do you think Perks/Experience would be a good idea?
The more you do a task, the quicker/better you become at it.

Or even restrict some activities to those with perks/classes.

Such as
Axe/Knife Throwing
Improved Archery (zoom option)
Runner (increased running speed)
Strongman (harder melee, throws spears further, carry more, slower running)
Weaponsmith (produces higher grade weapons)
Miner (better with pickaxe)
Farmer (can plant crops, can domesticate pigs, build pens)


Idea 2
Can’t decide on which characters/animals to include? Why not create a Multiverse (multiple universe) game (basically server options).
Like dinosaurs? Run a Land before time server (no guns).
Like Aliens? Add space ships and laser weapons.
Like COD? Have a modern day warfare server (or go play COD)

Apart from the animal/dinosaur/alien models, most differences only are about weapon availability.
That way you can cater to 99% of peoples wishes

great perk ideas
like other fps these days with there perks for leveling and exp

Idea 1: Nope
Older players get advantages, advantages let them dominate, they get even better, blah. Pretty much a richer get richer, poorer get poorer sort of thing. Like Rust doesn’t already have that :v:

Idea 2: I don’t think the facepunch guys will make that, it would probably take some time. Maybe modders will do it

Edit: Maybe a sort of crafting proficiency would be meh

I agree with a solid Nope on Idea 1 except for one condition:
If you level up Mining you loose a bit in Farming
if you level up Runner you lose some points in Strongman
so on and so forth.
Lets people “specialize” in a particular area but not letting them “max all your skills”

all bad ideas

Yeah, I was thinking a limit of 3 “extra” skills (from a large list of like 25 - Fallout type perks). Each skill has a disadvantage to compliment. Completely agree we don’t need 24x7 players becoming Gods. Perks should only enhance how people choose to play (hunter, gatherer, warrior, scavenger).

Such would be life in a free society.
I think it is a good idea, it would make the endgame not just raiding / shooting nudes.

Idea 1 - would alienate new players and fresh-spawns
Idea 2 - not sure…

Yeah, it would make the endgame running around dominating nudes

Yes, they are also in RPGs (Sims?) as well. And I think Rust is a mix of both.

Not if there was 0xp in it.