Perm ban not perm? :S

Hi i have a garrysmod server and when i permban someone if the server crashes or i have to restart it all the perm ban get deleted and i have some little shit who keeps crashing my server and i cant get rid of him! can anyone tell me how to stop this from hapaning?

kill him

i would love to kill him but i dont no were he lives and that may risk me getting arested!

use google earth. kill him. move to mexico. and stop rating yourself.

Use an admin mod.

assmod and ULX are what I know of.

The perma ban’s used with those tools are in fact permanent.

i am using ass mod and it still dont work :S

Maybe ASSMod finally broke?

Try with ULX

oh also i used the proper ban comand and it still gets lost!?!

Type writeid in the console after banning him.

ok will try

why do people always say use google earth to find out were people live, you cant just typ anoying wanker and it comes up with his postcode and his streat,

p.s i have offered to fight him but he is to pussy

spam him back!
fight fire with fire!!
or just tell him to jump in a fire and burn his miserable face off!!!
or send his computer a virus which will (hopefully) scare ths s*** out pf him!!!
other than that im not sure…

HEY! I’m that minge!

why do they call assmod assmod?

Try Getting Some assmod plugins that freeze the player.

They call it assmod because it tastes like shit.

1.How do you know it tastes like shit? XD
2.How can you taste something in a computer game?

what the hell