Perma Props.....

So this is starting to annoy me now as it isn’t the first time perma props has had pop-ups asking to donate…

I think it’s unacceptable to pester people to donate to an addon you have put on the workshop which is made for everyone to use for FREE. I don’t mind when the addon loads if you print to console about it but don’t force things open on us.

Can something be done about this please?


if !file.Exists("permaprops_donate.txt", "DATA") then	
Derma_Query("Please don't Forget to Donate", "PermaProps 4.0", "Donate", function() gui.OpenURL("") end, "Cancel", function() file.Write("permaprops_donate.txt") end)

It should literally ask only once. It’s ok if it asks once.

It won’t ask once for me as I use several computers for Garry’s Mod.
Also they added something like this before so I’ve seen this rubbish 2+ times from two different donation notifications.

Well if you have such a problem with it, you have the code, there is a key on your keyboard for just this purpose.

Servers have their own version so that won’t help…

Then that exact same code has an alternative solution.

But the point is they have changed this more than once, so in a few months you’ll have to mess with another method.

Then you can stop using permaprops and stop playing on servers that use permaprops if you have such an issue about it.

I’ve provided you with a fix if its your server, and a fix if it isn’t. I’ve also suggested you ignore it as they don’t literally spam it. You have turned down every suggestion I have made thus far, and so I shall refrain from providing further suggestions apart from “Shut up and put up.