Perma-weapon system.

WHERE. Mainly for DarkRP.

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Sry for the cancer.
I just CAN NOT find one…

You can do this yourself if you have a shop set up for buying the weapons:

hook.Add( "PlayerSpawn", "PermaWeps", function( pPlayer )
   local tWeapons = GetPermaWeapons( pPlayer ) -- Fetch from a database or something
   for i = 1, #tWeapons do
      pPlayer:Give( tWeapons* )
end )

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Or there’s this:

“The developer of this script does not have an active developer subscription.** You will be unable to purchase the script.**”

Ty for lil script.

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Hey, I can’t use the MYSQL thing, cause im missing a mysqloo module. Can someone link me a WORKING download?

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I MAY have found one

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Well, anyone have a script/addon to assign a player with a swep per respawn/join/etc?

sik but nube questun where du i put et
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(User was banned for this post ("What are you doing" - Novangel))

lua/bin. It’s in the OP.

ok ty

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Garrysmod/lua/bin? I dont see a bin in /lua

Create the directory.

I have lua/includes/modules, tho

That’s for Lua modules. lua/bin is for C++ modules.

alrighty, ill use a test-script

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lua_openscript testsql.lua
Running script testsql.lua...

[ERROR] lua/testsql.lua:8: '=' expected near 'pmysql'
  1. unknown - lua/testsql.lua:0

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Line 8:
pmysql.pollAll( ) ---- Polls all databases


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(The fact you dont get money for this is disturbing)

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maybe ill do local-files instead :)))))

I don’t know how to help without you posting any code excerpts.

Eh, ill use local files.
Quick question, how can I append to a DIRECTORY? I have:
file.Append(“Test.txt” , “content”)
But it puts it in /data, but i want to make a directory, “Testdir”, and put “Test.txt” in the dir “Testdir”

The path is relative to data. You cannot write anywhere else other than data

Yes, but I can make a sub-folder in the data directory and write to it (somehow)?

Yes, you can.

file.Append("permasystem/Test.txt" , "content")

would write a file into data/permasystem.
You just need to set a path, thats all

Ah, thanks. Can I substitute ‘test.txt’ with a variable?

Assuming you do it correctly, yes