Permanent decay?

Is decay still a feature that is temporary or is it permanent? I personally feel it should be temporary and replaced or thrown away soon. What do you guys think?

Replaced by what?

Maybe structures dont decay but weaken, making them easier to destroy. I’m not sure but something! It is a little harsh to players who dont play on a weekly or even daily basis

They would need a visual feature when weakened to alert players that it is a soft target.

Maybe broken boards, more gaps, things of that nature. I think that would be a good solution but it might just be my opinion

A lot of peeps cannot play every day. Because we do have to go to work and to tired to play at nights after work.
So I can only play during the weekend.
Of course if someone plays a lot more in terms of hours, he should have a lot more advantages but just because some peeps can’t play everyday loosing your house and stuff due to degradation is just getting your motivation down.
Hope you would understand.