Permanent Guns & other stuff.

Was being made for my server, but I decided not to do it at the moment. (Doing other stuff)

Edit the sh_init.lua to your likings.


Selecting a gun:
Confirming the gun:
Config (for adding guns):

Easy to edit config? (I think?)

Requires a MySQL database. I haven’t made it for SQLite yet.


Install: put the .lua files into your DarkRP modifications/modules folder, in a new folder called what ever you want, or if you downloaded via github: put the permguns folder into your darkrpmodifications/modules folder.

*Will be uploading more stuff to the github soon, and uploading the non-darkrp version of the permguns soon.

**And yes, I know the coding is ugly no hate :c
***And yes, the menu is ugly. I suck at designing stuff.

Nice to see you finally released this! I was happy when you came to me for suggestions!

Great release