Permanent storage?

Hey could anyone help me out with making a permanent storage locker/bank for items?

Would be greatly appreciated

Take a look at this standard library.

You can use it to store data into the built-in database.

It should be the fastest way of doing it if you just have a single server. If you want some kind of shared storage option across multiple servers which multiple players can access at the same time you should look into MySQL for storing and sockets for networking changes. You will need to find modules for that yourself.

Yeah I have an sql setup.

I mean like a physical item ingame that a player can store their items and and have it save through death.

You would store the stuff in that storage in your SQL database, so that it doesn’t reset upon rejoining the server.

The “physical item” would be an entity, possibly with a use event function for opening the storage.

Thing is, I’m running the GmodZ gamemode and it does not require an sql, but I have one anyway from when I used to host other things, all the character data and stuff is all saved in a data folder all I need to do is make a locker/bank type thing to save items through characters/deaths

There’s a sqlite (I think) database build into gmod, you don’t need to do anything to set it up. See the .db files in your gmod foldes. I believe they were called sv.db and cl.db

You use the sql library to add stuff to that database (stuff you want stored, like in this case your items)

Yes, I know how to use an sql but I need a mod/entity to actually show ingame so players can store their items with ease, I know to setup the sql and stuff I just can’t find any locker/bank addons or entities

Like I said, you can use as a reference for making entities. These are the entities that will show up in-game if you spawn them (ents.Create function to spawn entities).

are you a brick that isn’t reading what he is saying?

I’m aware of what he’s saying but I’m a noob when it comes to creating new things, I’m only pretty much able to edit things not make them from scratch.

So you want somebody to make this for you, not guidance on how to do it yourself.

If you’re not planning on making it from scratch you should have posted your base or the code you have so far. You could also simply edit the base_entity I posted.