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Today we're excited to announce the launch of Rust's permanent in-game store. The new store will feature premium cosmetic items and skins.

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I think it would be interesting to have some skins that are popular and still around their original selling price to be added to the permanent store or allow for variants of seasonal items.

new update is sick, perm store is gonna be good for less scams and stuff.


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This type of store is useless, im now less likely to buy these skins


Not being able to sell and trade the skins will cause people to buy less skins. They will have no value. Trading and selling was one of the most important reasons for buying skins and this will create alot of division and even cause sales to drop because there will no longer be any reason to buy skins that you would normaly resell. This is a useless feature that no asked for and will ruin buying skins for me and many others.

Not a great way to try to prevent what ever your worried about.

But now skins will have no value they’ll be good to look at in-game but the rust community economy will struggle to keep up.

Great, how long will the skins be on sale?

This is really dumb how you can’t market it. Large reason as to why people buy it is because of the market.



I like this as long as the price is low so everyone can enjoy unique items that make the game more fun. All these limited skins and items that everyone wants but can’t get because they’re worth an unreasonable amount of up to 600$ for a fucking smiley is just not fun and it doesn’t give facepunch more money but the online gambling websites…

Everyone hating on this has zero brain cells. Now I do think a permanent store with the ability to sell and trade them on market will keep the prices below the permanent store and people can still get their money back, and buy other skins. Aside from the Gabe Newell taxes…

Rust doesn’t get more players for having thousand dollar skins, nobody cares.

To everyone who keeps saying this will kill the market, the marketable and tradable skins are still going to be sold the same way they always have, its just these new skins will be sold in a Permanent store alongside the others. So stop hating Facepunch for ‘Ruining your pyramid scheme’ or whatever yall’s panties are in a bunch over.

please let me buy the frog boots
i want them soo bad
i refunded the game a few years ago beacuse i used to have a really shit pc and couldnt run it and lost the frog boots spent 4k of my rust hours crying about them still am

If you see me running in my coconut bra mind your business :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s debatable, because some of these items have a high value. It kind of is counter intuitive to re-release say they old CHristmas lights if they are valued at $100. But if something is arround 7$ and they release at $5 it isn’t as bad.

These will be for the net new items going forward it seem.

The prices are RIDICULOUS!
If you guys knew anything, you would realize that you would sell 100x more, by keeping everything at .99¢…seriously!
Think about it, and do the math…I, like most everyone else, would buy 20 items, at .99¢, before I even consider buying a skin for $10…SMDH


Everyone gets FROG BOOTS on my server

Honestly I’d love to see character customization again, let us have hair if we want :sob::sob:

The Coconut Bra outfit is racist - please educate yourselves as to what it stands for and please take it off the store. Thanks.