Permanent Wanted System - DarkRP


[release]DarkRP Wanted System - A system, which’ll grant the dead fellows justice. Forever.

[release]Imagine, a person not being able to get away with his crimes.

Imagine, DarkRP, as a better gamemode, with great addons.

We can imagine a lot, and some of them won’t be experienced, but some will.

This addon will give the mayor, and the chief of police have the oppertunity to edit, remove and add new suspects to a list,

Normal people (General jobs besides officials) will only be able to see who’s wanted, not the information about the suspect.

The suspect will get removed of the list if he dies.



Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2
Screenshot #3


[release]I would suggest watching in HD, so you’ll understand what I’m doing.



General information

Question and Answers

How do I open the menu?
To open the menu, type /wantedmenu in chat

Will this be supported in GMod 13?
Yes. I’ll make a version for GMod 13.

Where do I put it?
It goes in addons.


If you have a idea that I should add, or a feature you don’t like, please, tell me!


If you find a bug, please post it here, or PM me so I can fix it straight away.


Click here to download!


“Permanent Wanted System”?

Meaning what, no timer on the wanted flag, or wanted persists after death?

The mayor and/or chief has to remove the suspect.

How is not removing on death a better gamemode?

I could always add that, tho. It’s not that big of a deal.

IF you agree to Pantho’s idea, rage him agree, else disagree, please.

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UPDATE: Okay, I did what you wanted. Now it removes the suspect on death.

I’ve added this into my server, and given it a button in the F4 menu. When server is released/in-beta I will tell you IP and you can check it out, if you want?

Self advert and post bump I do smell.

Come on, /thread already.