Permanent Weapons

I want to make something that can make it so if you have
the certain steamid you have weapons, pretty much a perma
weapon for player. So people can donate for custom weapons.

If you can help me will the code please just reply to this thread :smile:

provide more information

I saw something a while ago, the code was like

“{STEAMID}” = “superadmin”

I want something like this just instead of a rank, i want weapons

Well these should point you in the right direction atleast.




You will probably want to create some kind of file where you can store who has permanent weapons so you will need to use these ( for that.

Be aware no one is going to write code for free, especially when you haven’t attempted it yourself.

Boxvader has the answer. I created one of these as my first addon in lua. You’ll want to look at as Boxvader said to list the steam id’s that should be given the weapons.

Out of curiosity Boxvader - how do you make those wiki links look like that? I see it all the time.

Click the little link button next to the square that is either blue, oragne, or mixed. Then copy and paste what pops up in the box.
It should look like this


Wow, never saw that :slight_smile: Thanks a lot. I assumed it was a Facepunch feature

Use the addon URS you can find on the workshop

That is for ULX ranks… :goodjob: