Permanent Weapons

Well, I’m fairly new to Lua but i know how it operates and know the basics.
But I’ve been wondering how i would make weapons permanent, and only be able to be picked up or equipped by a inventory weapon.
Anyone got and suggestions, advice, or answers :smiley: ?

download a inventory mod, if you just want weapons to save, i’ll make you a script for it if you want, it’s pretty easy.

You can if you would like i will probly end up looking at it for knowledge then attempting it on my own

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EDIT: But i would very much appreciate it if you would :smiley:

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EDIT: What I’m really looking for a a way to save weapons an a inventory then equip them from there and
also save it if i have it equip

There is a link to the weapon saving code a wrote a long time ago. Doesnt have an inventory, but it does show how to save weapons and load them back to a player when he spawns, making them permanent until dropped.