PermaProps 2.0 addon error.

Hi there, im here to take some help about the PermaProps 2.0 addon for gmod.
Basiclly, the addon saves props for my server and when it restarts, the saved props come back! Until now it’s nice.
But, a couple days ago, i did can save props as well, but, today, i cant. When i press the left mouse button to save a prop, it dissapears and says: This is an invalid entity!
And in the server console it says: '[ERROR] addons/permaprops/lua/autorun/server/permaprops.lua:89: attempt to call
method ‘IsAdmin’ (a nil value)

  1. unknown - addons/permaprops/lua/autorun/server/permaprops.lua:89
  2. unknown - lua/includes/modules/concommand.lua:69’.
    I did get to the right lua file and to the right line but i dont know what to do.
    Plz help me!

Why not just use the stock Make Persistent option? If you hold “c” and right-click a prop you should see an option labeled: Make Persistent.

It doesn’t make a world prop (saved prop).

It saves it on server restart.

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Unless you need this addon for some special reason, I don’t see how my suggestion is dumb… I’d love if someone would explain it to me.

I did try that but it doesn’t save the prop for server restarts… :´(