PERP 2/2.5/3 Item/Gun Binds?

How do you bind guns/items in perps 2/2.5/3? perp_ui/perp_di does not work, it is only used in PERP 1. The server I want to bind on is hellzoneclan.

This isn’t the forum for this, but you go in console and do bind your key “whatever you want to say”

For example

 bind d "say /me Pulls gun out of jacket" 

That’s not what he means, at all. He wants to automatically drop a weed pot and bag as soon as he presses a certain button, or equip a gun as soon as he presses a button.

That isn’t what I mean

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Yes sirrrr!

That’s a pretty complex bind.

I’m not sure it’s possible.

It’d be easier to program a macro.

n how would i make a macro that will drop coke seed, pot and weed seed, pot?