PERP 2.5/3 SQL Ranks

I’ve got a custom PERP script given to me by a friend, but I’ve got a problem with it that I can’t seem to figure out.

I need a script that will save user’s ranks to the SQL. It’s easier to change people this way, so it would be of much use.

If anything is needed in order to write this script, please tell me. Obviously, PERP uses ASSMod for the server, so it would probably need to be adjusted in there somewhere.

Perp is a leaked gamemode.

Unless you prove you actually bought it, no one is going to help you.


Normally the assmod ranks are saved to a rank.php file hosted somewhere in the web you can edit.

Or you could use ranks.php and eit it when needed also assmod is broken only the god stick works and just get a different admin mod for banning etc

thats what I said -.-

And if you know lua enough, you would be able to fix assmod. Like I did.