PERP 2.5 How to setup!?

Hello guys, I need a readme or something how to setup PERP 2.5 if i start my server it say : sv_hook.lua:17 , sv_misc:64 , sv_player:64… How can i fix it and and where should i edit my server info in sv_hooks.lua?

I also need the real sql for PERP 2.5…

Pleeess Help me guys im stuck in this man! :slight_smile:

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It sounds like there’s not just one little problem. But a lot?
And the sql. If you don’t have it. Recreate it. Go through ALL queries in the script and recreate the specific table with the columns you found.

Please note that running a Pulsar Effect Roleplay server is illegal without a formal authorisation of Huntskikbut, as its formally written in Lua files.

No, it’s not as it is as well illegal to sell things for valve’s games for your own profit.

pm me :wink:

Another endless debate about crap that probably won’t come to fruition.


What is hunts gonna do, drive to his house and beat him with a bat? Shut up.

Yes, he will.

It happened to a guy we only refer to as Mike.
It was a sunny summer day, and everything was going well for 'ole Mike. He had his whole life ahead of him, and absolutely nothing to worry about!
But, on one fateful day he decided to open up a Garry’s Mod RP server running the popular gamemode: PERP. He managed to get a hold of a working copy from some shady looking person in an alley, only referring to himself as “Kuro”. This truly seemed remarkable to Mike, but he made sure to accept the copy of PERP anyway. Strangely enough, Kuro also offered him a copy of something he called “openAura” for the low price of 200 dollars, but Mike was okay with just PERP.
Moments after he had launched the server and it began to get populated, lightning struck from the sky and out of nowhere Hunts tore down poor Mike’s door, holding only an old baseball bat…
Several screams in sheer pain and agony were heard from Mike’s house that night, and shortly after that his PERP server went down.

No-one has ever seen Mike since that day…

Hello, please read this to clear up that debate:

As for the PERP 2.5 setup, the real SQL for it wouldn’t be available as I doubt that the creators will let you have that.

one word gmt_mysql.dll

Private message, top right of facepunch, the message symbol. Or click my name and click send pm.

Another kid that wants to host PERP and he cant even set it up


I’d set it up for him, but he’s too dumb to even send a Pm.

Also, TheMaw of course the creators wouldn’t give out the database, but then it’s not exactly hard to make one yourself for it. When i had Perp2.5 running, i made my own database because the one they had for it was fucking horrible. The game mode was so shitty anyway I gave up coding for it, so I was gonna set it up for this guy, but alas, he probably doesn’t even know how to setup hosting for it.

Still "one word gmt_mysql.dll "


well at least he agrees with me.

p.s The PERP 2.0 SQL is the same as The PERP 2.5 sql

I can sell you a copy of PERP3!

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Well, I cant but I know that Skyline/Bob/Venom/Spike will.

For like 300$