Perp 3 (2.5)

Alright so i know about 80% of people are going to say “If you can’t set perp up you can’t manage it” well thats wrong that doesn’t mean anything.

Anyway i have set the SQL database up although im not sure i have the right files, i recoded assmod, before i was getting:

Now im not getting anything.

but when i join the game i keep getting Refreshing request for SMFID and i don’t know how to fix it.

In sv_networking it says

Player.SMFID = Player:SteamID()

anyhelp is appreciated!


If you should host ANY PERP gamemode, I’d suggest PERP 1, which was the only good PERP ever created.

And the good thing is that you don’t need SMF

if you know what you’re doing you don’t need SMF anyway

Yeah perp one is excellent and fun but i can’t find it anywhere also banana lord how would i remove the SMF intergration anyway?

Because every PERP in mankind is here.

Got it working now, thanks guys!

A lot of them are proven to be backdoor’d, if I read correctly.

Why perp? Do something else please.

If the server could be taken care of with professionalism, smartness and whatnot, I wouldn’t give a fuck if it even was DarkRP. The only matter is how YOU can handle a server, not which gamemode it is.

Well said persious, well said :golfclap: