Perp-3 Host-PC requirements?

Hello everyone,

Its just how the title is called: Perp-3 Host-PC requirements?
I got a second pc and i want to upgrade it to a host pc for myself,
i only want to know what does a perp server cost with RAM and Processor etc.

If anyone could help me it would be nice its just that i need to know how much ram i need and what kinda processor…

(Sorry i am not good with pc’s itself only gaming {TROL})

Friendly regards, Rinaldo

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No need anymore got already a message with help!

I’m going to need two guns for this one.

What about three?

Four will do

Make that five.

youre gonna need about 9 ram’s and a whole gigaflop of processors.

Probably, yeah.

I would say 2 GB Ram if you want to host around 32 players server. I’ve hosted with 3 GB Ram 24 people server & 32 people server both running at once
Processor would be normal gaming processor that can handle gmod quite well

what the fuck is “normal gaming processor”

He’s obviously referring to the Intel 4004. It’s a "normal gaming processor’

6 core, 8 gb ram etc. (it works fine) :smiley:

Got amd athlon processor, not intel.