I know, you’re probably thinking " fuck, another perp thread, this game mode sucks dick"

Please save it, i’m trying to run a decent community. I have everything ( almost ) set up and I’m just needing to do this.
Is there any public NPC scripts available, or am I going to have to code my own?

… and this is in the wrong section. can someone move this to support?

I will give you a hint, NPC.Sequence

It’s not that PERP sucks dick, it’s that hellzone clan and killslick are taking down PERP servers, claiming they’ve illegally stolen the gamemode. Hope you’ve paid one of them first.

I’ll give you an advice, sefhax… Just stop trying to start an PERP community… I did that ones and I tell ya’ it’s nothing but shitty people and problems…
And one more thing the new owners of Pulsar Effect claims to have bought the rights from hunts, the original creator of PERP.
And oh yes people on this forum won’t help you, and you will probably end up getting banned for creating a PERP thread.

Especially when it’s in the wrong section cough

It’s a felony to host unlicensed software, please don’t do it.

Out of curiosity, where is that stated? Not attacking, just curious.

Federal copyright law. Running a business or website ( gameserver ) using cracked/leaked/unlicensed/stolen software is a felony. I can’t remember off the top of my head the exact article and section but it exists.

Thanks for the help. I guess I won’t start one then. What game-mode then? I allready have a TTT, CSGO server.

I was looking forward to this, because I haven’t played perp in a while. I might want to stay with roleplay. (definitely not going into darkrp.) any ideas? it’s a 20 slot server by the way. maybe stranded or fretta?

Clockwork RP if you really want an RP server? Seems to be the 2nd most popular RP gamemode right now, but never talked about on FP.

PERP is a really grey area when it comes to being legal/illegal content to use. Most server hosters will normally force you to take the PERP server(s) down if they get a DMCA request, they normally don’t go through checking the content and the copyright claims against it. However, if you were to start a roleplay server, I would suggest making a new gamemode from scratch if possible and using very minimal code from the leaked version as they’re full of exploits and stupid code.

Well, that’s what I was asking. I wanted something I could see with my own eyes to show me your legal justification for that statement. I hear people toss around that sort of stuff all the time, and I wonder if they are pulling it out of their ass or it is genuine.

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DarkRP can be fine if you admin correctly. It might be a good way to start a community, then you can create other servers with less played gamemodes and move your playerbase over to them.

As for this statement, DarkRP can be edited (With your own code) to have npcs and stuff into it as well, take Liquid DarkRP for example. If you want to use that and base yours off of Liquid, you should give it a shot.

You asked so i found this but a ton of info out to protect creators and companies & users work.

That’s good info, but I am wondering if it applies to the “automatic” copyright that perp apparently has.

Good to see this is now a copyright discussion thread.

If you start a PERP thread, you’re asking to start a copyright argument.

Seriously, someone should start a thread in mass debate about this.

Not really. None of us are lawyers, and the debate about copyright stuff is kinda a law issue, something which the majority of us are not qualified to really discuss accurately.

Just please no more HL2RP servers. If you check out games in progress, you’ll see FP is already being buttfucked with a bunch of them. As someone stated before, go with something new and unique. create your own gamemode. There are other various good starters you could use such as tiramisu, pistachio, even darkrp. use them to start a small community but try to create your own so you have a unique reason for everyone to stay with you.

PERP isn’t even that good of a gamemode, I don’t know why so many people want to host it.