Perp A few questions

  1. How Do I give myself money?
  2. When I buy a car it doesn’t spawn or it spawns as a prop
    I have a working version of perp that has been taking from a server and it works.

What car addon do you use (TDM, SCars, etc.)?

To give yourself money, I think there is a command or something in the assmod menu

“Perp” No longer exists.
I guarantee you; you have either a cracked or fake version.
And also, 90% of users on this forum hate the gamemode.
Good luck~

He already said he had a working version; anyone who knows a bit a lua can fix up PERP themselves. His question isn’t even really PERP related, it has to do with a command and spawning a car.

to gif money at you’reself you must check you’re sql files and IDK what that car problem is but will help you add me on steam.

To fix spawning car you need to put content and extract in garrysmod, Then update fastdl.

Or there is a problem with car spawning positions.

If u can lua code u can create a script that can give u money.
The car problem can be tge veichle scripts that are missing?

Knoxed, He means that they spawn in air :x

If car spawns in the air its the veichle script

As far as i know the console command for giving yourself money is: rp_setmoney DoubleN 100000

You can change that name and the amount you want however you like. Also just saying, if you change the name to someone else it might give HIM the amount of money.

I’m sorry if I appear a bit brainwashed, but I really can’t help but think it’s PERP.
It’s probably some outdated or broken code causing the errors with the code, PERP is highly interactive with many modules.

Gah, I would suggest coderhire right now…

If you really suggest it Sam, then here’s the best replacement.

the rp_setmoney is for darkrp, isnt it?

yeah i think it is