Hiring Dedicated GMOD PERP Coder For Mature Gaming Community

This post in a nutshell.

Looking For
PERP Coder That Is Very Experienced With Proof To Show.
Dedicated to getting the job done, and getting it done well.

Opportunity To Become Part Of Technical Leadership For The GMOD Division in our Community, if Mature, and Dedicated.

You can PM me here on FacePunch, or add me on Steam.

I will then speak to you, and hand you on over to the man in power. Or, you can view the post I linked above, and contact him.

We already have a PERP server that a coder has been working on for quite some time, but he bugged it, and gave up on the project, and now he is giving up. This server is DAMN NEAR COMPLETE.

Be Mature (Atleast 13 Years Of Age)
Be Dedicated (Don’t Be That Guy Who I Constantly Have To PM On Steam To Ask When It Will Be Done.)
Able To Code PERP (As said before, this server is almost done. Have experience and know what the F your doing!)

Why Do You Talk Like This?

If You Don’t Know Where To Put Capitals, Use Capitals In Every Word And You’re Never Wrong!

I’m Not Sure If There Are Many Good/Mature Coders Who Are 13.

Either Way, Maybe You Should Just Focus On Skill?

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