PERP-Colored Headlights

A couple months ago I logged into G-MOD, and there was no update, I didn’t download anything, Just a normal day. My headlight colors stopped working. I’v tried uninstalling gmod, uninstalling steam, and I even put an extra hdd into my computer and installed a clean steam to it, to no avail. I was hoping someone here would be able to fix it, or guide me in the right direction.

Problem: The headlights glow the color around the physical headlight, but the beam shows up white on the ground.


This has to do with perp, A leaked and illegal gamemode.

No body is going to help you with a leaked gamemode.

This isn’t my server, Just a random one I played on, I think it was pulsar. It just annoys me, I just want it fixed

Ask on their forums then.

It’s a problem with my gmod is what I’m told. I don’t see why you guys can’t help me fix this problem.

Because this isn’t a problem with GMod, it’s the server’s.

I’v had this problem no matter what server, Everyone else on the server can see the colors.

Then reinstall your Garry’s Mod I suppose

As I stated in the original post, I already did.

Then there’s nothing you can do. Get the server’s PERP content pack or find the mod that creates the colored lights and install it.

Ah, colored lights mod sounds good…Thanks!