PERP crash

i join pulsar effect roleplay, on evocity2_v2b or whatever, i play for like 10 mins and then i lock up randomly. what do i do? i entered the code thing for evocity2 into my launch a options.

What are your computer specifications and what are your temps at under load.

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That perp is gay? well i dislike how you have to play FOR 5 HOURS!!! to become a cop.

It’s 2 hours

Thank you for helping the OP

ati radeon 3600
amd athalon xp 3000+
Realtek AC’97 Audio
2 gb of ram
windows xp

i don’t know what you mean by temps at under load.

Get a heat monitoring software. Run it while playing gmod then post the average temperature, anything over 70 is bad


thanks to some dumb update its 5 now.

that perp server your playing on has the stolen version of PERP visit to play the real one


Is perp down?

Yes, pcwizdan finds it funny to DDoS it, mainly because it will take the 1# slot which is currently his.

I found your problem

Stop playing illegally hosted and unsupported versions of PERP and play on the official pulsar effect servers

Illegal, lol how so?

well i NEVER read server names so i didn’t know, i thought only pulsar effect had perp. however, it was the only PERP server running on evocity2, and pe always has a evocity2 server,

And I found -your- problem.

Mind your own damn business!